I help solve problems, because that is what I LOVE to do.

The goal of this site is to:
  • Give you some of my background and experience
  • Provide some examples of previous work via some blog posts
  • Provide a portal for client pages for specific projects
Here is an incomplete list of the types of problems I enjoy solving the most
IT/Tech Related Problems
  • Data collection, storage, abstraction and documentation (seriously)
  • Development of content and resource management systems
  • Creating rapid, functional prototypes
  • Reverse-engineering and/or re-application of existing technologies to different domains
  • Mapping - especially web/mobile mapping - with preference to open source technologies
  • Hardware - specifically lower power systems like micro controllers
Natural System Problems
  • Modelling hydraulic systems
  • Developing software to model hydraulic systems
  • Algorithm design
  • Software languages (always learning)
  • Database design, especially encryption
  • I have another site dedicated to more random thoughts along these same lines, if you are interested
  • Here is a more personal site. This was really built so my kids could have easier email addresses, but I spent the $5/mo to make it look better (and to hide things for them).
  • I built everything on this site [less developed] - more random projects/concepts that should be better documented
Do you like to make things? Have a look at some of my work here.

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