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The Time-Crunched PM

Posted in misc on Nov 18, 2016

I helped a friend build a site all about travel and food. I did it faster and more efficiently than the full time professionals that she had hired previously. How? It's all about process, commitment, and execution. I'll give my example thoughts and tools in this post.

Practical Water

Posted in experiments, products on Nov 04, 2016

Introducing Practical Water, a platform that connects people to one another: enabling them to seek and share knowledge in the wide word of water. Here's why I built it and what I hope it will do.

IoT and Me

Posted in experiments, reviews on Jun 24, 2016

I got my hands on the Amazon IoT Button. So I finally got around to trying out a Lambda, using the MQTT console, and hooking up the Office Panic Button to a real button.

Real Time Fitness

Posted in data acquisition, products on Mar 25, 2016

Real-time, async, distributed data...from your Nike+ running app? Yes indeed! This post is actually just a proof of concept (for me) that I can build a fun AR app - but don't let that stop you. Firebase, Leaflet, and some root privileges all mix together in a nice and easy application.

VR - It's All About the Content

Posted in lamentations, misc, virtual reality on Mar 23, 2016

There's an arms race in the world of virtual reality (VR). VR needs hardware to capture and view content, software to render the content, and actual content. Now that we have Oculus (and others), Awe.js (and others) - it's time to get onto the content. In just the past week I've seen it in the wild. Let's take a quick look.

An Actual Reality Concept

Posted in experiments, products, virtual reality on Feb 19, 2016

This blog post is also a short story and a dream. But it's based on work I've already done. I'd love feedback (on the dream or the idea).

Utilities Need an Internet of People, Not Things

Posted in lamentations on Feb 17, 2016

Smart houses (that fail), smart dams (!!) that are accessible. Why are we clamoring to get more data, faster - why can't we just concentrate on getting good data now - and worry about the optimization later? Cross-posted on LinkedIn

Hacking Your Run (Part 1)

Posted in data acquisition, products on Jan 22, 2016

What do you get when you take a stock phone running a stock app and add a plain magnet? The ability to store, manage, and view any kind of data you want on top of your existing data.

Lazy Person Address Generator

Posted in experiments, products on Dec 31, 2015

It's Christmas Time! Which means it's time to send (and receive) a lot of Christmas cards. Like taxes, this is something that I think about getting prepared for about 1 week before required by law (family or federal). This year I did something different, and it involved OCR and my phone.

Virtual Reality Web Camera

Posted in products, virtual reality on Dec 11, 2015

This is a simple project where you use your head (literally) to move around a real web camera somewhere else in the world. If you have nothing at all (not even a phone) you can get up and running for $80. Take a look and take a spin!

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