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You can find the most recent copy of my official resume here

  • I received a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M (College Station) in 2001 [Environmental Engineering - as a degree it is not offered as a named degree]
  • I received a Masters Degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M (College Station) in 2003 [emphasis was in Aerosol Mechanics]
  • Currently at an awesome tech startup in Dallas. I am the operations manager at the company. Basically, I help the technical and product managers work better and scale across projects. At a higher level I also work with the C-suite group to make sure we have standards and approaches so we can continue to grow and scale our work.
  • 2+ years with an international software firm - Portland, Oregon. Responsible for leading agile development of new on-site B2B software platform, including producing specs and developing rapid prototypes. Also responsible for developing market collateral and roll-out strategies as well as designing platform interfaces and support systems. Created custom back-end platform for development of user stories/personas with real- time connections to all company data sources. Also wrote the educational sub-domain of the company website, wrote many back-end scripts and shells that reduce inefficiencies and ensure overall platform stability, and provide overall guidance on GIS and other emergent spatial technologies. In short, I was both a PO and an OM for several regions and domains.
  • 4+ years with a local A/E consulting firm - Dallas, Texas. Created SaaS offering that combined hardware and software systems to create a data collection and analyses platform for municipalities in the southwest US. Managed development, marketing, sales and data analysts throughout the product life-cycle. Also involved in IT development of GIS and data application services.
  • 2+ years with a regional A/E consulting firm - Dallas, Texas. Primary duties involved modelling potable and sanitary sewer systems. Managed technical and non-technical staff and consistently delivered projects on time and budget.
  • 4+ years with an international A/E consulting firm - Dallas, Texas. Primary duties involved modelling open channel hydraulics and modelling hydrology.
  • TNRCC (now TCEQ) Air Permits Division - Austin, Texas

Typical Work Performed
IT/GIS Services
  • Planning/Strategy
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Existing data storage connection/analytics
  • Data Collection/Conversion
  • Web Mapping/Portals
  • Web Site Development (front and back end work)
  • Database Development
  • Floodplain Studies
  • H/H Studies
  • Potable/Sanitary System Modelling and Studies
  • Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling and Studies
Professional Interests
Product Management/Ownership
  • Developing a design-driven culture
  • Resource documentation/management
  • Programmatic data connection/analytics
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Being as data-driven and efficient as possible
Hydraulic Modelling Data Curation (collection, observation, visualization and engagement)
  • Development of data collection devices
  • Development of data collection services/software
  • Software Process Development
  • Open source software [particularly web mapping and frameworks] for internal and external clients

Personal Interests
  • Helping to Raise My Young Family
  • Cycling [Road]
  • Running...but mostly jogging
  • Professional Advocacy - I have volunteered to judge Future City contests for several years
  • Personal Advocacy - I was a CASA Volunteer for several years and have been a mentor/coach for Team in Training

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